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∞ What Is Inner Peace? ∞

This year we have done a UOI unit on sharing the planet. We got split up into groups of our interest based on things similar How peace and Conflict change the world.

I was in a group with two friends, Kaitlyn and Bella.We focused on Inner peace and how it can change how we act and think.We also did some looking at foods that help your inner pace.Foods like Mandarins, Berries, and chickpeas(Surprisingly).They help because of the acids and nutrients.

I found this unit very fun and interesting to research!



∞UOI-Making a model of a house in Africa∞


This term in Unit of Inquiry(UOI) our topic is How we express ourselves. Our Main Idea is ‘We can Express ourselves through our beliefs, Values and actions’. Our lines of Inquiry are “We are connected to the world’, ’Actions speak louder than words’ and Beliefs and values can be expressed in different ways’. So we have joined together with the other class 5F and made our timetable the same so all our class math’s, Math’s groups and UOI Time is at the same time and we can work together. Our building is connected to our line of inquiry ‘We are connected to the world because we have been connecting with the world and learning about the differences between other countries.

So in the first few lessons in class math’s and math’s groups we worked on mapping and measuring distance using longitude and latitude.

Then in library inquiry we worked on a quick presentation about a Country TEAR supports and I chose Dolo. We had to have a slide on a place in Dolo then a Slide with your own suburb then a comparison slide. To compare the two places.

We then got into groups of 4 and I am with Sienna S, Audrey and Mia M. We had to choose a town and it didn’t have to be supported by TEAR but we chose Soroti, Uganda in Africa. Then we had to make a model of a house in That country and we made a few improvements like water tanks to get clean water, wheels to move from your place. (It’s sort of like a Caravan) and a bigger house because an average African family has 5 children per family. The rooms in the house are just a parents bedroom and a kids bedroom with a mini table for a kitchen but there is only one wall in the house.

While making the model you needed to use your research skills, Thinking skills and social skills.You needed to use your research skills when looking up information and proof for our presentation and in the making of my house.We also needed Thinking skills when planning your model, Finding what materials to use and doing the maths.You also need to use your social skills by communicating with your other friends.We also have to  have Confidence, Appreciation and creativity.You need confidence when you are building your house and gluing everything to the paper.You also need Appreciation  when we see how poor other people are and that we are very wealthy and you need creativity when thinking of the design of your model.

We had to be a communicator, Risk-taker and open-minded. We has to be a communicator when talking and working with others. We had to be open minded when looking for new ideas and We also had to be a risk-taker when not knowing what your model will look like in the finish

We made the model out of paddle pop sticks representing straw. Cups and water representing water tanks, straw representing the roof and clay helping all the paddle pop sticks helping the whole thing staying up. We also made the roof be able to come of so we can see the inside