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What did I enjoy most about the experience?

I enjoyed the experience most by discovering what was in my room actually.I had so much junk and It was interesting finding what I had.I actually found about $5 in my room.

What did you learn most from the experience?

I got really good at area and measuring. I had to be really accurate when I got the paint,paneling and desk.

What would you do differently if you did it again?

I would keep up to date with my spreadsheet. I stopped using it halfway throughout.

Which passion projects did you find inspiring/interesting and why?

I found Imi’s Interesting.She displayed hers well and she used her time really well.I would love to braid like her one day.

Here is my Poster ^



∞Passion Project Week 5-6∞

I am Finished!!All my hard work has paid off.I am making a movie on all the photos so I will put it on the blog once it’s done.

So now reflecting Time!

What I loved

  • My colour choice(feature wall colour(Seafoam half))
  • Feature wall
  • Desk
  • Styling with the ladder
  • Sorting out(You should have seen my room before I did this(Not the one in the photo.I have just cleaned it up that morning)It was so messy)
  • Tie-Dye

What I did not like

  • I could of done a better paint job
  • I feel like I need more mats
  • I felt like the chair is really small
  • The paint colour(white one)I felt like it was too bright

Thank you for reading this and Have a great Day!



∞Passion project week 4∞

Almost done!I am planning to finish this early but it makes no difference because I am going away on a camp on the long weekend so I really have less time but at the same time I don’t because i’ve almost finished.

  • I have  Finished my Feature wall
  • We have put up the desk
  • My bed head is made
  • Most things are back in my room
  • I have most of my things I have ordered online
  • Last but no least I can sleep in my room again!

Things need to be done:

  • Staple my bed head to the wood so it wont fall of
  • Paint the edge of my bed(Bitten of my my old cat)
  • Change blinds
  • Sort and put away toy baskets
  • Complete my excel

Thank you and I hope you all have a good week!


∞Passion Project week 3∞

Hi everyone,

This post I will tell you about  all my week so far in doing my room and I put my budget in a excel so I will have the link later on in this post.I will also do a table of all  my recourses, Info,materials and skills I will show/need this week.

Ok so firstly, I have been taking all the things out of my room so all I have is my bed and my big bookshelf(you can see my bookshelf in my first post).I have been to my local bunnings  last Saturday getting all the paneling,wood and paint for  my room.I started painting my room the white that we got but we realised the colour on the card was more creamy than the actual paint so We used some of the left over paint I had originally on my walls and mixed it into the white pain and made it a bit more creamy.I have only done the first coat so far and next weekend I will do the second one.


Ok now on to the next part.This is my table of my resources and skills I will need/learn this week.


∞Passion Project Week 1-2∞


Hi Guys!

This term we are doing this big project for 7 weeks.We have to choose a passion of ours to work on and I choose room design.I am re doing my room with a budget of $800 and I have created a floor planner of it.I have made it already and am starting to do some research of how much everything costs.I am making tie die bed sheets because I LOVE tie die.
I have started a book of things I would like cut out of magazines.I will be starting to remove all my furniture and everything I don’t want I will sell on ebay to get more money and other things to charity.I am also not getting a new bed or book shelf because those were really expensive but I am getting a new desk.

I will be posting the updates every two weeks or so.Comment any feedback on this post!


∞The City Of Ember∞

This term we have been reading a book about the City of Ember.

The book is about a girl called Lina and a boy called Doon live in a city Called Ember and its dark there and the only light comes from street lights.Lina and Doon are at school on there last day called assignment day.They each get jobs to do for the rest of there lives(not to long in other words).Lina got the job pipeworks were you go down underground and fix pipes and Doon got a job called messenger were you run round the city and sending messages. After that day Lina and Doon met and decided to swap jobs.

The City is running out of supplies and the people of Ember are stressing out because there is no way out of Ember(That they know of).One day after Lina’s Work she came home and found her grandma stressing out and looking for something in the closet.Poppy her little sister was chewing on paper with ended up being instructions for something.Lina couldn’t read it because most of the ink came off when she was chewing it.The title of the page said  ‘Instru    r Egres’ Lina didn’t know what the paper said so she gave it to her friends to try and figure it out.Meanwhile in the pipeworks were Doon worked he found out all the little clues to solve the puzzle.

Will Lina and Doon figure out the Instructions? Will the City Of Ember stay standing?

To find out read’ City Of Ember’



∞Year 6 ∞

This is my first post in a while sorry but I am going to tell you about me new year so far!

I am now in year 6, The last year of junior school!But when I get to year 7 I am back to be the youngest:( But why waste my time telling you about the future when I can tell you about how my year has been).We just got back from camp on cockatoo island I Australia.We left school early in the week and got back Friday and of course when we got of the bus and we were unloading the bags it started pouring with rain!When I got home it started hailing the hail balls were sizes of golf balls!Going back on topic we have settled in well and I am in a class with a few of my friends.We also are reading a book about city of ember and I will tell you about it in my next post.

I hope you all have had great holidays!:)



Po sezonie - Rieth







This week in the Student Blogging Challenge week 9 we have to write the best post we could and we got to choose the topic so I chose to write about my holidays.


These Christmas holidays I am going away to Coffs Harbor for at least a week in January at the same time as my birthday in January. I am going with my family

Some activities that we are going to to there is visit the big banana and go to the big banana water park, go swimming in the pool and we are staying right next to a beach so we are swimming in the beach. We will also go fishing. I have only caught one fish my whole life and that was when I went coral fishing fishing in Fiji.

Don’t worry we let them back in after we caught them. Sorry going back to the topic. I am super excited and I cant wait till we go!

What are you doing in the holidays?

photo-Tomasz Przywecki via Compfight

∞Being part of a community∞

In the student blogging challenge week 8 we had to write about being part of a community and I chose my school community.

I am a part of my school community because I am going to be a house leader next year and I was a crusaders leader this year. However, every person has a valuable contribution to a community. Some times I see all the same people getting all the awards but I also see so many other people doing things for witch there is no reward. For example comforting a person in the playground who may be upset, Or inviting someone into the game who is feeling left out. It’s these small things, these acts of inclusion that make a community great. Together we can achieve great things.